Setting up and adding a new Group

Here are the steps for adding a new group:

First Set up a Default account for your group:

1. Click on New Account

2. Name the account, for example "Tech Support Defaults"

3. Make sure you have assigned this new user to "My Default Accounts". This will ensure that THIS default account starts with blank data

4. Note the account number that was just created. ie 22XX - you will need this number in a later step


Now that you have a default account created for your new group, you should login to this new default account and set it up (that way your new accounts in this group don't have blank content)


Then Go set up your group called Tech Support

1. Click Groups

2. Add New Group

3. Call it Tech Support

4. Tell the system which default account to look at when creating accounts in this group. ie. 22XX from the default account created in step 1


Then you can go set up regular users under this new group.