Creating a Video Tutorial Page

AllClients White Label CRM includes dozens of tutorial videos that your customers can use to learn the system.  Since some of the videos we've created might not pertain (or confuse) your customers, we've left it up to you to decide which videos should be available to your customers.  For example, if you do not use the Newsletter functions, you should probably remove the Newsletter related videos to avoid unnecessary support calls.

Here is how you can get the latest list of videos that we have available, edit it for your purposes, and host it on your site.

You will need the ability to create a page on your own web site (not the White Label CRM site).  In most cases, this page can be on the same site you use to market your services.

Use AllClients to generate an HTML page containing links to the latest videos

Select all of the HTML code in the box and copy it

Select all of the HTML code in the box and copy it

Select all of the HTML code, from <html> all of the way down to </html>.  Then, right click and select "Copy".

Paste your HTML into the source of your web page

Paste your HTML into the source of your web page

(At this point, you may be handing this file off to whoever built your public/marketing web site)

In this example, the Tutorials page is called "tutorials.html" and I'm editing the file in Notepad.

Tweak the design of the page to match your site

Your web site developer may have specific instructions on how to paste this HTML properly to fit the current look of your site.  Contact your web developer for more instructions on how this might work with your site.

Review your page in a browser

Review your page in a browser

The generated HTML page will look something like this when you view it in a browser.

It's designed to be very plain so that it can easily be styled by a web developer.

Edit the list of videos

Using the HTML editor (or Notepad)  remove links to videos that don't apply to your customers base.  You can also add links to videos that you may have produced for training your customers.

Review the list every so often

Remember to review this list and repeat the steps every few months.  We're constantly adding new videos and updating existing ones.  The links will not automatically update in your page when we make a change in our system.

Add the link to your tutorials in your customer communications... emails, blogs, Facebook, etc..  The more your customers know about the CRM, the more successful they'll be, and the lest often they'll need to contact you about the basics of the CRM.

Give AllClients Support the link to your videos page

Send us the URL of your tutorials page and we'll link it to your videos from the home page of your CRM.