Create a Communications Account

Your "Communications Account" is a special account that syncs all of your user accounts info into contacts within an account. With this account, you can use the system to communicate with your own customers.

This account will automatically sync contact information every night around midnight Central time. You may manually sync the data at any time from the Config Tab in your Admin Panel.

This is not designed to be used for other types of Contacts. Adding contacts through Landing Pages or manually will create duplicates. Custom Fields can not be changed as the automatic sync will overwrite the field data.

From your Admin, on the Accounts tab, click New Account. Add the login email, password and select which Group you want to use. Click OK.

In your list of accounts, find the account ID for the account you added.

Go to your Config tab and add the account ID to the Communications Account ID box.  Click to Save.

Set up the Custom Fields and libraries in the account by clicking the Initialize Communications Account.

This step will set up the Fields we merge into. We will merge the Group into the Category 2 field and adjust the Custom Fields to look like this and contain this data:

Manually move the Contacts information into the account and update it by using the Sync Contacts. (The system automatically syncs your account at midnight)