Spam Monitoring Report

This report is designed to help you keep an eye on the Email Reputation of your users.

Log into your Admin Account click your reports tab, then click Spam.

Choose to review by 7 Days, 30 Days or 6 Months.

Choose to review by 7 Days, 30 Days or 6 Months.

Click a Column Header to change the sort.

For each IP address you send email from, you will see a numbered bucket that is color coded to match. Click the Corresponding Number to move from one bucket to another. * If you only send from one IP address, you will not be able to change buckets until you more.

In this example, 2 contacts are in each bucket and are sending email from our corresponding IP's.

When you have multiple IP's and are adjusting buckets, keep good senders in with those with higher spam complaints. We do not recommend you keep all those with spam complaints on the same server as the email delivery rate will be very poor. Keep no more than 40% bad with 60% good senders to keep the delivery rate high.