Can I have multiple email headers and footers for my separate businesses?

QUESTION: Since I have two separate businesses, I need two separate email templates, each with its own %%header%% and %%footer%%. But it appears that the system allows only one of each. How do I get around this?

It is not possible to have different default headers and footers (since there are so many automated ways to send email, it would be difficult and very complicated to keep track of which headers and footers to use in each case)

4 Solutions We've Seen:

1) Don't use headers and footers (pretend they don't exist, and do your headers and footers the old fashioned way, before we added this feature... cutting and pasting)

2) Use "generic" headers and footers ... ie "Joe's Consulting LLC" that cover's everything you do.

3) FIREWALL - Use 2 completely separate AllClients accounts. This reduces the chance you'll make a mistake. Costs a little more, but you'll be confident that you're not sending your "Soccer Team" emails to your "Insurance" clients.

4) Use a Team Member on your main AllClients account with their own Database - Similar to #3. Make sure you understand all of the ramifications of how Team works.