Add Home Screen shortcut on an iPhone X

Here is how you can add a shortcut to the AllClients Mobile version so that you can access it from your iPhone's home screen, just like any app.

The following tutorial was made on iPhone X using the standard Safari Mobile browser. There will be slight variations on the steps based on the version of iOS and which browser you are using.

From your phone's browser, go to and log in.

It's important to bookmark the page AFTER you log in. Otherwise, if you bookmark the log in page, you'll have to log in every time you visit the bookmarked app.

Press the Share icon on the bottom of the browser.

From the Share menu, select Add to Home Screen. You may have to scroll right to see this option.

Use the default name Contacts or rename it to whatever you'd like. Press Add.

Your shortcut to AllClients is now easily accessible on your iPhone home screen. Click this shortcut and it will take you right to the Home screen.