Exporting a group of contacts

You can easily export any group of contacts by adding your contacts to ClientTouch and selecting Export from the ClientTouch menu.

This example will show you how to export everyone in the Category named "HOT"

Go to ClientTouch and Clear your Workgroup.

Click the Add Contacts tab, then select the group contacts to your workgroup.

In this example, we'll select the category Customer from my example database.  Of course you can select any Category, Category 2, Flag, or Source that fits your needs. You may select multiple options here too, it will combine the group. You can use the Remove Contacts and Manage tabs to further refine your workgroup.

The Contacts in Workgroup counter will reflect the number of contacts selected.

Go to the Actions tab and select Export Data.

In the Export Details screen, notice that the Contacts in ClientTouch option is selected. Click Export Contacts.

To complete the export, choose your options and click Export Contacts.

Your export file will be downloaded to your computer as a .CSV file (Comma Separated Values). This is a very common file format that can be easily opened by other programs, including Microsoft Excel.

Your contacts will remain in your database, you will just now have a copy of the contacts saved to your computer.