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Problems signing in to AllClients. Solving common sign in issues.

Forgot password.  Reset your password.

Follow the instructions in this help article to reset your password:

Forgot login email address.  Determine your login email.

Many people these days have multiple email addresses.  This can create confusion when you've forgotten which one you used to create your AllClients account.  You may need to search your email for any billing receipts emails,  email updates, or any other emails you've received from us.  Most likely, the email address that we sent these emails to will be your sign in email address.   If you still have issues determining your sign in email, contact our support department at

Computer's clock (time or date) is wrong.  Check and fix your computer's clock.

Computer's clock (time or date) is wrong.  Check and fix your computer's clock.

While it's hard to figure out how this happened, MANY MANY times customers call us and their computer's date or time are wrong.  AllClients needs the proper date and time for security purposes (to help make sure nobody is impersonating your login session)

If you attempt to log in, and the screen just flashes, but doesn't log in or show an error message, be sure to make sure your time and date are correct.  (Most commonly,  AM and PM are wrong, or the month, day or year is wrong).   In Windows, double-click on the Date/Time in your taskbar

Make sure you are using the latest, most updated version of your browser

We recommend that you use the latest version of your browsers.

We recommend the following browsers, in the following order:

1) Google Chrome

2) Firefox

3) Internet Explorer


We test against the following versions of these browsers:


Internet Explorer:  Version 9 or Version 10 (on Windows 8)

Old versions of Internet Explorer

IE 6 was released in 2001 and is not supported - This is a BAD browser and should not be used by anyone, ever.

IE 7 was released in 2006 and is not supported

IE 8 was released in 2008 and just might work, but we don't officially support it.


Google Chrome:  Version 24 (as of Feb 2013, updates frequently)


Mozilla Firefox: Version 18 (as of Feb 2013, updated frequently)


* Apple's Safari is based off of the same core code as Google Chrome.

Cookies are disabled.  How to enable cookies.

Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer

Windows 7 (Block, enable, or allow cookies) - Instructions may vary based on your Windows Version and Internet Explorer Version


Enable Cookies in Google Chrome


Enable Cookies in Firefox



TOOL Determine if Cookies are Enabled


Security software disabling necessary features

Certain security software "suites" such as those produced by Norton (especially Norton) can be overly aggressive in disabling features needed by websites to track your sign in securely.

Check with the manufacturer of any security software that you have installed and follow their instructions for adding  to a "Safe Sites List", "White List", or a "Trusted Sites List"

Try another browser.

If none of the steps above resolve your issues, sometimes a web browser just "having a bad day" or the installation on your computer can be corrupt.  (usually Internet Explorer)

We recommend you try another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to narrow down and ensure that the issue isn't related to your browser.