Duplicate Contact Records

By default your account is set up to prevent duplicate contacts from being created.  

Duplicates are considered to be contacts with matching First Name + Last Name + City + Phone 1 + Email Address. Two contacts may have the same name (Bob Smith for example) so we are looking to make sure they are exactly the same before preventing the addition. Any variation of phone 1, email, name or city will allow the contact to be added.

Landing Pages check for duplicates using the Email Address. If an email matches an email in the system, the Landing Page submission notes and actions will be added to the existing contact.

For more information, we also recommend watching How Do I...Handle Duplicate Contacts.

When manually entering a contact with the same data as a contact already in the system, you will receive a notice that the contact is a duplicate and it will not be saved.

To allow duplicates, go to Settings, Account Settings and check the Allow duplicate contact records option and Save.

Duplicate Emails will be identified with an orange D next to the email address. You may click on that Duplicate icon to see the contact records with this matching email.

When importing contacts, you can choose to allow duplicates or how to prevent dulicate records.

We recommend periodically checking for Duplicate Contacts. Go to Reports, Duplicate Contacts to find and manage your duplicates.