Record your Main Greeting

Your Main Greeting is the first thing people will hear when they call your VoiceTouch phone number. This should be a friendly greeting that requests callers to enter an extension, followed by the pound sign.

Go to VoiceTouch and click the Greeting Tab. Click the Record New Greeting button.

Enter a descriptive name for your new greeting.

Call the Audio Message phone number and enter the recording extension.

Note: THIS phone number and THIS extension are used only for the purposes of recording audio. Please don't get them confused with your VoiceTouch phone number or your VoiceTouch extensions. This recording number and Recording ID Code will be different for each recording.

After you record your greeting you will hit  *  to save it. Then you can hang up. Wait about 10 seconds and the Next button will appear on your computer screen....Click it!

That's it - Your new greeting has been recorded and saved. The system will take you back to this screen where you can listen to your greeting by clicking the PLAY button.

Once your Main Greeting is set up, you are ready to set up your Extensions.