Stopping Spam Submissions from your Landing Page

Sometimes a bot will find your Landing Page and begin creating submissions. The data will not be true interested customers.

It is important that you stop these as soon as you notice them. They will generate fake customers in your system and you will want to delete them. If you are sending an Autoresponder to Landing Page submissions, you may also notice your Spam Complaints will increase and may cause you to lose email sending privileges. Review the Spam Policy here.

Follow these steps to stop the submissions.

Use a Hidden Field to Reduce Spam.

From the Actions Tab of the Landing Page you are using, choose the Use Hidden Field to Reduce Spam option by clicking the box and then Apply Changes.

If the hidden field still allows spam submissions to get through, we recommend you turn on Captcha.

Captcha will add an easy box for customers to check and will prevent robots from submitting the form. See form with Captcha below.

Captcha will only work on pages hosted on our server. If you are using the Get HTML code and hosting the form on your website, the Captcha will not work.

If you are hosting the form, Copy the Landing Page and use the new Get HTML for the copied page so that it has a new "Key" in the URL. Update any links to to use the new Landing Page, then DELETE the old Landing Page. This might stop the bot if it isn't rescanning your website for new links.

If you are hosting the form and generating a new "Key" in the HTML does not slow the submissions, we recommend you add a link to one of our hosted pages with the Captcha Enabled.