Organize Your Libraries Using Folders

Use folders to help you find things quickly from your libraries.

You can use folders to organize your Landing Pages, Letter Templates, To-Do Plans, Autoresponders, Email Templates and Workflows.

Here is the corresponding help video for more information: Video - Organize Using Folders

Start by adding folders to your library. Click the Folder Icon Next to item you want to add to a folder.

Select New Folder to add a folder

Name the New Folder and click Save & Move.

Use the folder icon and drop down next to your library entries to move items to the folder.  Add new folders using the steps above as needed.

Once your items are in folders, use the view by folder option in the top right to find items quicker.

Change folder names by clicking on the pencil icon next to a selected folder.

Move items from one folder to another using the drop down next to the item. Select the new folder and it will be moved.