Jump Start Step 6

We are coming to the end of your Jump Start training. This is your last step.

You now have a great foundation of system knowledge, and it’s time to load your contacts in so you can really start benefitting from power of AllClients.

You can get your contacts in 2 ways: manually (one by one), or you can bring them over from your old system using our easy import routine. How should YOU get your contacts in?

Input Your Data Manually if...

You are just starting out and you don't have very many contacts yet


You are not converting from another system. ie: you have been using paper and pencil, and your memory to manage your contacts


You have another system, but the data in it is old and out dated, and needs to be completely overhauled anyways


You have another system, but it won't allow you to export the data and get it into a CSV format

Import Your Data if...

You are using another system, the data is relatively clean, and you can export the data from that system and get it into a CSV format.

Watch this video for the steps. Or email us cases@allclients.com and we will help with your import.

You've got your plan! You are now an AllClients Guru!