Add a To-Do

To-Do's are reminders that can be added to contact records.

You may use the Agenda Assistant to send emails with a list of To-Do's that are due each morning. Click here to learn more.

Once you have To-Do's, you will manage them with your To-Do List. Watch this video to learn more.

From the Contact Record, click the To-Do List Tab. Then Click Add To-Do.

Add the information for your To-Do including Summary, Priority, Assigned to (if you have a team), Due Date, Details and To-Do Type.

If you are using Email or Letter To-Do's, you may attach a template from the library to the To-Do so it is easier to complete the task later.

Your To-Do will be in the Contact Record and also in the To-Do List .


To-Do's do have to be added to attached to Contact. If your To-Do is a task reminder for you, you may want to add it to your Contact Record in the system.

Some users will also create Contacts that are named after a project for all of their To-Do's related to a specific Project.