Creating a new Email Template

When creating an Email Template, you can start with a blank email or you can edit and customize one of our pre-built Email Templates.

From the Email Templates screen, click the Add Email Template button in the top right.

This screen will give you the option to select a pre-built template or use the top option to Start with a Blank Template. Click your option.

Name Your Email Template and Choose if you want to put this template in a folder.

You can edit this information later if needed. Click Create & Start Editing to get to the template. Each template will need a unique name.

Edit Your template

Be sure to click the Save Changes periodically to be sure you don't lose any of your changes. When you are done editing, you can use the Done Editing Content option. 

See other help documents in this Chapter for more help with Content Editing.

Test Your Email Template

After you click the Done Editing Content option, be sure to send yourself a Test Email before you use this template with Contacts.